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Back to the Doctor

And no one had to drag me kicking and screaming this time. 

I knew something had changed with my cough.  When I took the dog out last night right before bed, I coughed while outside and my chest really hurt.  Even my back hurt, like I’d pulled something coughing.  I blamed it on the cold, night air, but then I had a HORRIBLE night of sleeping.  I ended up taking 3 doses of cough syrup, trying to get some sleep.  It was awful.

In my first meeting (via phone) today, my co-workers immediately thought I was getting sick(er) again.  The rasp continued throughout the day but I never fully lost my voice.  I also got a weird bubbly/rattle thing going in my chest sometimes when I coughed, with an icky taste in the back of my throat.

In general, I just felt like I was sliding backward again and I was going to get really, really sick this time.

So after work, I went back to the same clinic (different doctor).  I got right in.  While sitting in the little room, my cough echoed through the whole building.  It was ridiculous.  They all knew why I was back before they even saw me.  This time when she checked my O2 levels, it was down a little.  Worse, my pulse was pretty high (over 100), like my heart was beating extra hard trying to compensate.  And yes, she heard the rattling wheeze in my chest.

They had me do a nebulizer treatment while I was there, which made me feel as high as a kite on an empty stomach (I hadn’t eaten since 10:30 or so).  She also sent me home with three prescriptions for antibiotics, an inhaler, and the foulest, nastiest tasting cough medicine I’ve ever had in my entire life.  My mouth feels numb. But I’m NOT coughing! 

I’m hoping and praying to get the first good night’s sleep in weeks, and maybe I’ll be able to kick this thing at last. 

Official diagnosis:  bronchitis.

9 thoughts on “Back to the Doctor

  1. Ohhh I’m so sorry that you are soooo far under the weather! I’ve been heading down the valetudinarian path but hopefully I’ll take a turn for the better before it gets to where you are at! That said, if I’m more of a wreck tomorrow my doctor is getting a call.

    Hopefully you’ll get a bit of sleep tonight. That’s the worst part, IMHO, when you need the sleep so desperately but its completely elusive.

  2. Oh, Sis. That sucks so bad. I’m at least a little better, cough-wise. My chest doesn’t feel so heavy, either, which is a huge improvement. Guh.

    But at least you’re not too stubborn to know when you’re licked. *sheepish*

  3. Ick, bronchitis. 🙁 Hope you feel better asap!

  4. Oh, yuck – the bubbly/rattly thing is usually a sure sign of something that needs professional help. 🙁 Hope the drugs work quick!! Feel better…

  5. Oh, sorry you’re so sick. Hope you’re feeling better soon.
    My internet is on the fritz again. This is getting old. 👿

  6. Bronchitis is the pits! 🙁
    I hope you’re feeling better ASAP!

  7. Oh, man. And here I thought maybe you were on the mend. Get better soon!

  8. Ick! Hope you feel better soon J! And honestly, the worse the medicine tastes, the better it usually works.

  9. Thanks, everyone! I’m feeling somewhat better. Thank you for antibiotics!!!

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