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Billionaire #3 Update

I made my deadline! Actually had enough room to spare to do several good edits passes, added a new scene to tie up a loose end, and then wrote the synopsis and blurb. I think I read it through 5 times, and there are parts that still get me a little teary.

This is a holiday novel, and so I wanted to include lots of sentimental, special elements. Kelsey had a HARD life, poor thing, and Harvey is so damaged that she despairs of ever pulling him out of the darkness. But she drags him kicking and screaming into the (Christmas) lights. There are a few bombshells and a sweet moment for Donovan and Lilly at the end. All in all, I’m very pleased with this book.

The only thing that’s bugging me is the title. We can’t use The Billionaire Grinch as I pitched it (trademarked) so we’re brainstorming other alternatives. Right now, it’s tentatively titled The Billionaire Who Hated Christmas, but that’s likely to change. If anyone has an awesome Billionaire + Christmas Grinch/Scrooge title to recommend, I’d love to hear it!

Unofficial (working) blurb:

The Recluse: Billionaire Harvey Caine has despised all things Christmas since his parents died in a car accident during the holidays three years ago. He’s become a shut-in, trapped in his family mansion and tormented with guilt. The only person allowed inside is Gordon Maxwell, his parents’ long-time friend and employee who practically raised him, and the only thing keeping him alive is his determination to win back control of Caine Enterprises from his aunt.

Maxwell knows a lot of Caine secrets, including the fact that Harvey’s parents were involved in a BDSM relationship. Desperate to get Harvey some help, Maxwell decides to hire a Mistress for the holidays with the hope of giving Harvey something else to live for than his obsessions and guilt.

The Maid: Since Harvey’s a full-blown Christmas-hater who refuses to allow anyone inside his house, the only way Maxwell can get professional Mistress Kelsey Marley inside is by pretending she’s his niece who needs a job and a roof over her head for the holidays. Kelsey has the perfect French maid costume meant to drive the billionaire mad and immediately disrupts his entire life with a sultry tease.

The Christmas Bargain: Kelsey knows exactly how to push the billionaire’s buttons, but they’re getting too close, too fast and Christmas is just around the corner. If Harvey finds out she’s been bought and paid for, this holiday might go down in his ledger as the absolute worst Christmas ever.

8 thoughts on “Billionaire #3 Update

    1. Yes, lovely, you definitely want. It’s a page-turner!

  1. how about The Billionaire Christmas Carol? The Billionaire Scrooge? The Billionaire Humbug? You’re a Mean One Mr. Billionaire? 🙂 Although The Billionaire Who Hated Christmas isn’t too bad

    1. Scrooge doesn’t really work (for me) because he’s not a miser. Humbug is a maybe and it’s used as his safeword (snort) so we’ll see. You’re A Mean One – that’s a possibility too!

  2. Looking forward to this! Do you have any idea of the release date?

    For the title, how about The Billionaire’s Gift?

  3. I’m definitely looking forward to this one. I love a good Christmas story. Throw in a billionaire submissive and I’m all ears.

  4. What about The Christmas Bargain?

    Sounds awesome. 😀

  5. What about The Ghost of Christmas Future.

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