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Blonzy, Blonzy!

At least I think that’s the word…

We went to see The Foreigner last night at Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre in Carthage, MO.  My beloved sister played the hilarious Froggie.  If you don’t know the story, Froggie brings her friend to a little country lodge in Georgia.  He’s very shy and depressed and doesn’t want to talk to anyone, so she tells everyone he’s a “foreigner” who doesn’t understand any English.  Very quickly he finds himself overhearing very embarrassing, personal information – and soon learns that something foul is going on at the lodge as the owner is about to lose her property.  Can he overcome his shyness – and the lie that he doesn’t understand English – and find a way to help them?

We had sooo much fun.  The monsters were getting a little bored at the very beginning because it started just a little slow, but very soon they were totally absorbed.  Middle couldn’t help but reenact some of Charlie’s dancing moves at Intermission.  Luckily she didn’t knock anything over.

I used the opportunity to wear my main RT dress complete with heels and jewelry.  I was a little overdressed, but Sis gave me the thumbs up (and she also brought me another dress that fits, so I have 4 now, yay!).  I’m so relieved that I was able to replace my heels that suddenly became too big!  I’m a big fan of Clark’s shoes now – I wore heels from 4:30 – midnight (first time in a decade or more) except for slipping them off in the car on the way home (1.5 hour drive) and had no foot pain.

Sadly my Spanx hose didn’t survive (the first time I wore them too, grrrrr!).  Middle snagged her shoe buckle on my shin and ripped a huge hole in them.  She’s dangerous to sit by (you get kicked at least a dozen times).

So I’m a little more prepared for RT but more shopping is in order!

2 thoughts on “Blonzy, Blonzy!

  1. Awesome!! I may have to look into Clark’s, it’s been years since I’ve been able to wear heels that long. And that sounds like a fabulous play 🙂

  2. Heh, the script says it’s spelled “blasny blasny”, but honestly, so long as you’re still quoting it, we’ll call it a win! Eeeee!

    We have SUCH a good time putting it on. The fact that we’re still laughing about it ourselves after a month and a half of every day rehearsals and continually rehashing scenes and moving blocking around… yeah. It’s good stuff.

    And you looked GREAT! Your hair and makeup were beautiful, and the shoes looked smashing, and the dress….! I’m so impressed, Sis. And so proud!

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