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We finally went to see Brave with two of the monsters last night.  (Princess is at Grandma’s house, and booooy did we hear about her displeasure that we went to see a movie without her!  Especially Brave.)

We all enjoyed it, but it seemed to be lacking that little something to take it from good to fabulous.  For me, it was all about Merida.

On one hand, I loved her.  I loved her hair.  I could understand her frustration with her mother and all the plans for her betrothal.  I mean, the three idiots fighting for her hand were truly laughable.  Even her father thought so.  If they were such a loving family, how could I honestly believe that they’d just hand her over one of these worthless suitors?  Seriously?

The only remotely interesting male character was Mor’Du, the cursed prince/bear.  Why couldn’t she have found a way to save him?  Love could have redeemed him.  Sure he ate her father’s leg and he’d killed countless warriors…

But THAT is my kind of story!

It was cute and funny and tearful.  I laughed when the men all used their kilts to climb down from the tower.  I cried at the end when Merida thought she’d lost her mother.  But it could have been so much more.  Merida didn’t make a big enough change for me.  She wasn’t instrumental in changing her fate, not really.  Her archery skills weren’t the answer to saving anyone in the end.  In fact, it was her mother that stopped Mor’Du.

The movie itself was beautifully done.  But I wanted more.

4 thoughts on “Brave

  1. LOL, most writers have said the same thing about Brave. Still want to see it but none of the boys do so I’ll probably wait until it’s out on DVD. Sounds like a great family night 🙂

  2. I’d rather see what you would do with it, Sis. *winkcoughnudge*

  3. I loved Brave. On the other hand, I also would have loved more backstory on the queen – why she felt she needed to marry Merida off, an why she changed her mind.

    1. Now you got me thinking… Brave isn’t really a story about Merida. She’s not the one who changes the most by the end of the story – her MOTHER is the one with the major character change. I feel a blog post coming up… Thanks for giving me a topic for Sunday’s blog! 😉

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