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Bring a Character to Blog Week

Don’t forget, Gregar and the Rock are over at Ginger Simpson’s blog today.  Lots of characters have taken over Ginger’s blog this week for “Bring a Character to Blog” Week!

2 thoughts on “Bring a Character to Blog Week

  1. Love the interview. Is it terrible that I found Gregar more delicious than Ruin? Although, don’t get me wrong, Ruin’s name is enough to catch my attention.

  2. Well, I’m the last person to ask because Gregar’s my muse after all. Of course he’s the most deliciously wicked dangerous of all.

    Ruin’s not too bad, though, especially with all those tats. And the really “big knife.” Ha, surprised Gregar didn’t have a joke or three about that one. Actually, I don’t think the “size of his rahke” jokes start until book 3 which no one but me has seen yet. :mrgreen:

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