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Busy, Distracted, and Stinky

Sorry for the unexpected blog holiday.  I’ve been a bit scattered the last week and life has been busy.  No, Revision Xibalba is not going well.  I wrote a couple of hundred words, realized I had started the scene in the wrong place, and deleted them all.  I wrote several pages of notes at basketball practice, but I’ve been too busy to get them written into a scene, and I’ve been too tired to get up Dark & Early.  Argh!  It drives me nuts when I let life distract me!

Today will be no better, with basketball this morning and a possible road trip the rest of the day.

Now for the stinky…

Last night Uncle J and Aunt BB stopped by for dinner and then we helped them get a large gorgeous piece of artwork home on the other side of town.  We were on the freeway headed home behind a semitruck.  That Man noticed a dead animal in the middle of the road but we couldn’t swerve with cars on the left.  Besides, it was dead, right?  What harm could it cause?

Well, evidently it was a FRESHLY killed SKUNK, so fresh that it managed to spray the van. 

Now no one enjoys the smell of a skunk, except maybe another skunk, but That Man cannot stand “country” smells.  (You should see him driving by Iowa pig farms in the heat of summer with no air conditioning.)  He was gagging and retching, the kids were moaning like they were dying, and I sat there with my mouth shut tightly because if I opened it I could taste the skunk.  Ugh.  It really was strong, but it was funny listening to their reactions.

We started looking for a car wash.  I kid you not, we hit three and all three were closed.  *boggles*  It’s only our luck!

We had to circle all of town smelling like fresh roadkill skunk before we finally found a car wash next to the monsters’ old daycare.  We did the works, the $8 complete package, and then we parked the van outside overnight so it didn’t stink up the garage.  That Man cracked the windows, too, so hopefully the smell will air out.

I swear, I still smell that skunk, even after sleeping all night.  If the van still reeks, we will NOT be making the 3 hour roundtrip car ride to celebrate That Man’s parents’ wedding anniversary after basketball today!

4 thoughts on “Busy, Distracted, and Stinky

  1. Oh. Yuck. 🙁 There is nothing quite like eau de fresh skunk… One of our dogs (the not-so-smart one – she also tried to bite a porcupine once) made the mistake of chasing a skunk — a day or so before our 2-day drive from NH to WY… We SOAKED her in tomato juice, made her swim in the ocean… it didn’t really help much…

    Here’s hoping the van airs out soon!

  2. Oh dude, that sucks. Seriously. Hope the stink goes away soon. 😯

  3. Understandable about life; this past week started good for me, productive and all that, and then there was health stuff and other life issues — by the end of it I was a mess and had nothing done! It’s really a pain when something like that happens, isn’t it? Best to you for this week; may your work proceed better:)

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