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The Plague

I thought Middle Monster was mostly better, but she was up at 4:00 a.m. throwing up again, now joined by Princess Monster and That Man.  Of course, it was one of those nights for me where I simply could not get my brain to shut up, where I wasn’t even sure I ever fell asleep (I know I did, but I was awake every 20-30 minutes).

Needless to say, it was a hot tea morning Dark & Early instead of coffee.  I don’t think the plague is getting to me, rather just a long sleepless night.

I didn’t title this “Revision Xibalba” even though I was up writing, because I didn’t work on the Mayan story.  I finally got a bit of an idea for a short story set in the Beautiful Death Mythomorphoses world.  Well, short story may be stretching the truth a bit.  It’s a “scene” at least.  I have characters and I know their goals.  Whether it makes a satisfying short story, or morphs into something else entirely, I don’t know yet. 

I also began plotting (loosely) the beginning of Return to Shanhasson for NaNoWriMo.  Although I began second guessing myself and wondering if I should try to write Charon’s story instead.  I *know* Return very well, except for the beginning.  I know only a vague beginning to Charon’s story and nothing after.  So Return will definitely be easiest to write fast.  I do need to get the next book done in the other world, though, or Sis is going to hunt me down…  (Charon is her favorite character)

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Fun Day Gone Wrong

The monsters are out of school today, so That Man and I both took the day off.  We had a whole slew of stuff planned:  zoo, maybe a haunted house trip for Princess Monster, shopping, you name it.

However, someone woke me up Dark & Early this morning (when I planned to sleep in) because she’d thrown up in her bed.  She threw up again later, and then started running at both ends.  She didn’t make it to the toilet for one of those either.  Poor little monster is not feeling well at all, and our fun trip day has turned into smelly laundry day.

P.S. As if there was any doubt, the monster in question is Middle Monster.

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Monster Pictures

Littlest Monster’s Kindergarten Picture:

Kindergarten 2008
Kindergarten 2008


Middle Monster hid her pictures from me, and only showed them to me after great persuasion.  I don’t know why she was so sad in this picture.  I asked her if she’d been crying.  She may not have been feeling the greatest.

1st Grade 2008
1st Grade 2008


Princess Monster looks like she’s about to head off to high school instead of 4th grade.

4th Grade 2008
4th Grade 2008