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Monster Pictures

Littlest Monster’s Kindergarten Picture:

Kindergarten 2008
Kindergarten 2008


Middle Monster hid her pictures from me, and only showed them to me after great persuasion.  I don’t know why she was so sad in this picture.  I asked her if she’d been crying.  She may not have been feeling the greatest.

1st Grade 2008
1st Grade 2008


Princess Monster looks like she’s about to head off to high school instead of 4th grade.

4th Grade 2008
4th Grade 2008

9 thoughts on “Monster Pictures

  1. Wow, they’re all getting so big! Time sure does fly. Great pics, Joely! You should be very proud of your girls!

  2. Oh, they’re BEAUTIFUL! Middle Monster does look a bit under the weather, but she’s still cute. 🙂 Such pretty dresses, too – we don’t get to have dresses in school pictures anymore, because the magnet school does uniforms. 🙁

  3. Aww! They’re so cute. And you’re right, PM sure doesn’t look like she’s only in 4th grade!

  4. Great pictures. 🙂

  5. So cute, Joely! Where does the time go?

  6. They’re growing like weeds!!! Thanks, everyone! The monsters are preening with pride.

  7. What a cute bunch! Any of them look like Mom? :mrgreen:

  8. Your monsters are too cute. 😀

  9. Cheryl, luckily, no, none of them really look like me much! MM is the closest to my hair color, only I was darker as a kid (I went gray prematurely).

    Thanks, Soleil! *beams*

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