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CC101 – Roundup Day 2

We have Upward Basketball games this morning, so it might take me awhile to get all participants included.  Check back after lunch!

As people send me their links to their character articles, I’ll add them here.  Check back — the list will grow throughout the day!

Day 2

Soleil’s Aires

Soleil’s Taurus

My Lost in the Trees

Kait’s Semi-Structured Interviews

Molly’s What Makes a Good Character?

Jess’s Setting FIres for Fun and Profit

JA Howe’s Molded Not in My Image

Bethanie’s Favorite Characters:  Miphon, Morgan Hearst, and Elkor Alish

Bethanie’s Favorite Characters:  The Darkyn

Day 1

My Static Trait:  The Little Things

Kait Nolan’s Unstructured Character Interviews

Bethanie’s Favorite Character: Gregar (what an honor for my character to make her list!)

Soleil’s What’s Your Sign?

Jessica Tudor’s The Arsonist and the Firefighter

6 thoughts on “CC101 – Roundup Day 2

  1. Hey Joely – this is fun! Here’s my next post: Miphon, Morgan Hearst and Elkor Alish

  2. And mine, Taurus

    Should have a few others up in a little while. I will keep you posted.

  3. So, apparently “a little while” equals seven hours later. *smacks forehead* I will have some more posted up tonight but for now:

    Gemini and Cancer

  4. Last one for today:


    The last seven will be posted up tomorrow. *phew*

  5. Gah, sorry for all the commenting, but when I say “tomorrow” I probably should have said “later today”. Didn’t realize it was Sunday already. 😆

  6. You can guess by my email which was my favourite character, and this email is nearly twelve years old. Someone asked what the series was they came from, and it should be mentioned that in the US it was published under the title Wizard’s War, and in the UK it was Wizards and Warriors. But if you loved Alish, you should check out the Walrus and the Warwolf (or Lord of the Sword as the US title would have it). You will fall in love with Drake Doauy. It was Cook’s finest work, in my opinion.

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