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CC101 – Roundup Day 3

As people send me their links to their character articles, I’ll add them here.  Check back — the list will grow throughout the day!

Day 3

Soleil’s Cancer, Gemini, Leo

My Game of Chance

Kait’s Structured Character Interviews

Bethanie’s Favorite Characters:  Neil MeqVren and Characters by Collison

JA Howe’s Human vs. Non-Human vs. Alien, Stock Characters, Death to Smoochy

Jessica’s Holding Out For a Hero

Day 2

Soleil’s Aires

Soleil’s Taurus

My Lost in the Trees

Kait’s Semi-Structured Interviews

Molly’s What Makes a Good Character?

Jess’s Setting FIres for Fun and Profit

JA Howe’s Molded Not in My Image

Bethanie’s Favorite Characters:  Miphon, Morgan Hearst, and Elkor Alish

Bethanie’s Favorite Characters:  The Darkyn

Day 1

My Static Trait:  The Little Things

Kait Nolan’s Unstructured Character Interviews

Bethanie’s Favorite Character: Gregar (what an honor for my character to make her list!)

Soleil’s What’s Your Sign?

Jessica Tudor’s The Arsonist and the Firefighter

3 thoughts on “CC101 – Roundup Day 3

  1. Virgo, Libra Scorpio

    Four more to go. :mrgreen: Will reward myself with reading everyone’s posts after they are done.

  2. Yaay, Soleil! Off to read them! 🙂

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