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Character Interview: Varne

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Welcome to the show “Every Character is the Star of His Own Story,” brought to you in order to create more satisfying secondary characters. The star of the show this week is Varne, Khul’s nearest Blood, from the Shanhasson trilogy.

You’ve met Varne before in several of the Shanhasson Friday Snippets. He asked to stop by the other day for an interview. Evidently I’ve messed up his entire character arc, and he felt the need to set the record straight.

Of course my co-host and Muse, Gregar, couldn’t let Varne drone on and on endlessly without putting me in a coma, so he stops by for a little while, too, to antagonize his old friend slash arch enemy. Something Gregar does very, very well. :D

Fine Print: The host makes no warranties as to the validity of the character’s statements herein. I can neither confirm nor deny future impact on Story. No characters were maimed in the recording of this interview either, no matter what he may claim later.


My hand trembled as I flipped open my notebook and picked up the closest pen. I couldn

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