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Chickens in the Road

I can’t remember when I found Suzanne McMinn’s blog, but it was many years ago.  I started reading because she was a romance author, and I loved the way she structured her stories.  She managed to fit in interesting worldbuilding and fabulous romance in an itty bitty category!  I was hooked.

But somewhere along the way, I began reading her posts not as a writer looking up to an author, but as a person in awe of another person.  There are two blogs I read every single day without exception:  Chickens in the Road and Paperback Writer.  I know that Lynn will always have terrific insight into the biz, a new technique to try, a fun generator to play around with, etc.  I know that Suzanne will have fuzzy animal pictures or a recipe, but more, each day, she’s going to touch my heart in some way.

Now not all her posts give me warm fuzzies.  There’s a story about a little banty hen that wanted to be a mama that I challenge the iciest heart to read and not sob with grief at her fate.  Suzanne has made us love her animals, the crooked little farm house, and her new farmhouse with the incredible porch and views of the countryside.  I’ve read about her killing an SUV in the creek that she has to cross to get to a paved road, her son making the decision to join the Navy, and how to milk goats and make cheese!  I’ve laughed at the darling Annabelle — the cutest little sheep — who thought she was a dog.  I’ve cried when her little male goats died and when the banty hen was butchered by the racoon.

Not a day goes by that she doesn’t make me wish I had chickens in the road too.

Suzanne is in the running for a fantastic paid blogging job (details).  If you haven’t read Suzanne’s blog, please stop by.  Get to know Clover, Coco, Mean Rooster, Jack the Donkey, and all the other adorable animals.  And if she makes you feel good and warms your heart like she does mine, please go vote for her to win this blogging job.  It will make a huge difference in her family’s life.

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