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Comments Disabled – Edited

I HATE THE STUPID EMJOIS included with WordPress 4.2.  HATE.  Then I find out the very thing I’m disliking is a security vulnerability. So for now, I’m disabling comments.

Yes, they just released a fix, but I’m still mad about the stupid emojis and I can’t figure out how to get rid of them. Even now, they’re staring at me in the below pane.

Grrr.  Not cool, WordPress. Not cool.

Update: 4.2.1 is out which supposedly fixes the issue. I’m going to give it time.  There’s also a plugin to disable the emojis, but I’m still seeing them below.

Final Update: Rather the the disable emoji plugin, use Classic Smilies. It corrects all the crap emoji inserts with 4.2.

Comments going back on!