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Conquering Scrivener

One of the contributing factors to my lack of progress with Lord Regret *might* be Scrivener.  I’ve yet to finish a project that I started there.

I love many aspects of it but I still get overwhelmed, or perhaps distracted is a better word.  There are so many cool things that may or may not help me plot and organize.  Instead of working, I end up exploring or fiddling or researching.

However, I really do believe that eventually it’ll be a lifesaver.  I love the corkboard and I think it will be huge in helping me plot future books.  I’ve just got to get over the initial shock-and-awe phase so I can actually, you know, WRITE.

To that end, I bought Scrivener for Dummies and I’ve been working through it this week.  Gwen Hernandez’s classes were recommended to me on Twitter, and so far, the book has been extremely helpful.  My only frustration is the difference between Mac and Windows commands.  I often find myself hunting through various menus to find what I need because the Windows alternative isn’t always included.  A few things are still missing from the Windows version, too, which makes me wonder if I’m wasting my time looking for something that’s not even there.

There’s a ton of functionality I don’t think I’ll ever use, even if it’s cool.  But it’s nice to know it’s there and have the book to fall back on if I decide I do need to learn more about it someday.

The biggest takeaway so far has been custom labels so I can keep track of POV.  I really love that feature.  Color coding for the win!

As August winds down, I’ll be learning everything I can and making sure my projects for Lord Regret’s Price are ready.  Yes I have two.  Sigh.  One is a plotting template I made that has just a few notes in it.  The other is more general with research and notes.  NEITHER has much in the Manuscript folder.  But it will, one way or the other, very soon!

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  1. How I wish Scrivener v2 was on my Dell laptop.

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