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Creeping Ever Closer

I was hoping to finish Lord Regret’s Price by the end of January, but I’m not going to make it.  I am still moving along day by day, though.  I’ve been hitting Dark and Early 4 days a week and getting 1K almost every day.  Getting those first 700+ words first thing in the morning has made it so much easier to come back later in the evening and get another couple of hundred words.

This morning for the first time in MONTHS the words actually came easily.  *knocks on wood*  No pulling teeth, no sweating bullets, no working and then checking to see how much I have only to see I’ve managed 100 words.  Not the 2K+ days I used to have, but it’s such a relief not to have to fight and wrestle to get a sentence!

Plus I figured out some neat little things about Gil’s past that I never had before.

The end is in sight.  I’m on the verge of Act 3.  I just have to keep going, keep working, and fight through the valley.  I’m taking next Friday off to get my hair done, and the rest of the day will be a huge push to finish the book, if I haven’t already done it.  I need a few days off before coming back to work on revisions, and I want to submit by the end of the month.

Go, Sig, go!

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  1. :shaking the pom poms: 😀

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