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I’m cursed, I say, cursed. I’ve had so many computer problems over the years, almost all involving power cords in some fashion. This laptop is not quite a year old yet, but it’s been through hell.

There was the coffee spill… I was sitting outside in the garage while the monsters rode their bikes last summer, and Middle Monster ran into my chair on her bike, spilling coffee all over me and the laptop. Brand new keyboard, but at least the motherboard was fine. However, while it was in the shop, they had to replace the power cord for some reason with a junky replacement one. The original Toshiba cord just quit working.

Then two nights ago, I was sitting here in my green chair writing while That Man watched TV and I heard a strange snapping sound. Coming from my computer. No, coming from the power cord… YIKES. The flexible bendy part had a short in it!

So I went back to the computer place yesterday for yet another cord. At least he had one in stock that does fit, and it’s a better quality one than the other. (Cost me double, too.)

Writers beware: keep my away from your power cords!!

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