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Doctor Visit

After so many of you advised me to go to the doctor — and That Man kept nagging me — I went this afternoon.  It was an utter waste of time, though.  You got it — it’s viral.  My lungs are clear, my sinuses and ears are unaffected.  She told me to quit taking Mucinex since the congestion had gone out of my sinuses, and that if I had difficulty sleeping at night thanks to feeling wonky after decongestant, to take Benedryl instead.

So basically a $20 copay to be told to take Benedryl. 

On the bright side, my blood pressure was good, and it was nice to get confirmation that it’s not pneumonia or bronchitis.  However, I am starting to run a low-grade fever now and I feel “sick” where before I just had a cough and no voice.  This is some “cold” let me tell you.

I’m sure I’ll feel even better after sitting through three hours of basketball games tomorrow.  :wink:

6 thoughts on “Doctor Visit

  1. I think had this same cold over Christmas– and then everyone who came to our House o’Germs on Christmas Day got it, too. I’m sorry to have to tell you that it lasts for a solid three weeks. 😕

  2. Isidri, I’m definitely going on 3 weeks. I first got this in Dec when I took vacation for Christmas, around the 17th. It wasn’t this bad the whole time, but it never went away. I guess I’ll keep hoping this is the final stage and eventually get over it.

  3. I hope it clears up soon, Joely. 🙁

  4. Dude, I’ve been trying to get rid of the same snot/congestion for going on 4 months now. It’ll clear up a little so I think it’s going away for good, and the next day I’m running another low-grade temp, carrying around Puffs Plus, and avoiding dairy products to not make it worse. Sometimes I’m sick at my stomach, sometimes not. I usually have a headache, but that’s pretty much par for the course, anyway. Guh.

    Anyway, I hope it clears up for good soon, Sis. I hate to see you so miserable.

  5. Oh, ugh! Sorry the doc couldn’t help. 🙁

    Have you ever tried taking Airbourne? I put a tablet in warm water and drink it like tea. I’ve been alternating that once a day for several weeks with echinecea drops in juice once a day for several weeks and so far haven’t had anything last more than a day or so. *knocks wood and checks room jinx fairies*

  6. Oh my, I have SO much catching up to do! Hi Joely – I just wanted to commiserate on the “cold”. Charlie and I are both just recovering from a dose we had over the holidays. I eventually ended up with an antibiotic for my chest, but you have my sympathies if it’s the same bug, or even similar. I haven’t been that sick for a long time, and still feel like a limp dishrag if I try to do much of anything. 😕 Feel better soon! I look forward to catching up on your posts!

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