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Dom vs. Domme

There’s a general consensus in the “what sells best” gossip that I listen to that femdom books don’t sell as well as the male dominants.  Let me be quick to clarify that I’m still going to write the book I’m thinking about and then I’ll see if it’s accepted or not.  I won’t NOT write the book just because I don’t think it’ll sell as well as Conn.

To be specific, I’m talking about Mal’s book.  You first meet “the Mistress of Dallas” in Victor’s HURT ME SO GOOD and she ends up hurt and angry at the end.  I’ve known about her hero for awhile and they first meet in Vicki’s book.  The whole reason I’m talking about this now is because I’m working on a new scene where Mal first gets her hands on him, hopefully setting the stage for her book.  It’s seen through Jesse’s eyes–so you don’t get this hero’s feelings first hand.  Needless to say, Mal manages to scare the shit out of him, but…he can’t walk away.

I was talking about this scene to an author friend, and she said her publisher doesn’t even touch femdom books.  I was like, really?  According to personal reader taste, I know there are tons of ways any book could go that I personally wouldn’t like, including femdom.  But Mal’s story…  I think it’ll be hot. 

As I told my friend, it takes a very special sort of tough alpha male who’s actually willing to go on his knees for his lady.

Anyone who’s read Return to Shanhasson (early) knows what kind of hero I’m talking about.  Warriors who’d lay down their lives in a heartbeat just to see her smile, viciously capable and eager to kill in her defense.  If she points, they go, without question.  And if she ever points to her bed…

Laughs.  They’ll go before she can even open her mouth.

What do you think – have you read a story with a Domme that you really enjoyed?  Please recommend it in comments!

4 thoughts on “Dom vs. Domme

  1. I agree with you, if anything, a strong man willing to let his lady take the lead just makes me all shivery. 😳 :mrgreen: Though I might be biased as I’m already invested in Mal’s happiness.

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  3. Ditto what SJ said. :mrgreen:

  4. I can’t think of any stories of Dommes that I’ve read, at all. But HURT ME SO GOOD has me itching to read Mal’s story, because I know you’ll be able to treat it right.

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