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Dr. Who, Olympics, and Back to School

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I know I’m a few years behind here, but I finally watched my first episode of Dr. Who and I loved it. I’m going to wrestle TiVo into a season pass for both it and Torchwood, as long as I can keep That Man from deleting them.

We’ve been watching the Olympics, and I was soooo disappointed with the women’s gymnastics! I had to leave while they were getting ready for the vault to run an errand for That Man, but it sounds like I didn’t miss much. I cheered so loud when Phelps and Lezak won the mens 4×100 relay that the monsters all got out of bed to harrass me. We’re building back to the “school bedtime” schedule, which they HATE. My yelling was just another reason for them to get up and torture me. What a race. I was so glad to see us “smash” the French favorites after their comments!

I’ve officially made four school shopping trips and I still can’t find: a wooden ruler and a dry-erase eraser. I mean, it’s a joke. Every year, there’s *something* I simply can’t find. Something innocuous. You can’t tell me it’s that difficult to stock wooden rulers. It’s not like a brand-new item that has never been on a school supply list before!

The supply list says “wooden only.” Of course, Wal-Mart had plastic ones, rubber ones, metal ones…but not a wooden one to be found. To get an eraser, I had to buy a pack of 4 fine markers (which none of the teachers wanted, so I was going to keep them for myself) and cleaner, for $7.07. All I needed was the eraser! I got up to the checkout…and the @&#*$! thing wouldn’t scan. I told her to keep it; I’d find the eraser somewhere else.

Four trips. Three monsters in school. A fortune in supplies. Monsters back in school in four days? Priceless.

I don’t know when the domain transfer will happen, but I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I have something VERY COOL to giveaway on the blog, so stay tuned!

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