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End of January Summary

BillionaireSubmissive-The72webFirst things first – the pretty new cover for THE BILLIONAIRE SUBMISSIVE!  The official blurb is also here.  Coming from Samhain June 2014.

What do you think?  We deliberately went with something new – specifically no people on the cover.

I haven’t broken the chain yet – writing every single day in January.  The only “qualification” to that is the work I did yesterday was reading through print galleys for Lord Regret’s Price.  They were due and it’s business – just not new words.

41,121 words in January, so 2014’s off to a good start.  Finished a book and submitted it.  Edits will be coming soon on The Billionaire Submissive.  I’m plotting another contemporary idea I had, possibly a Christmas/holiday theme.  Then it’s back to the PNR.  I also have two more billionaire stories in the works.  Just gotta keep on truckin’!

4 thoughts on “End of January Summary

  1. 2014 is off to a very good start for you! May the rest of the year be just as great. So excited for you, my friend.

    1. Thank you – here’s to a great year for us both!

  2. The cover looks great! Let’s see for January I finished a draft of a new contemporary novella, and I didn’t break the chain in January regarding my blog posts.

    1. Woot, yay for completing your novella! That chain thing is really working for me too.

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