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Sorry, I know I haven’t been posting very often.  I’m busy with Coyote Con and a five-year project at the Evil Day Job is coming to a close (please, dear God, let us finish this month).  But that’s not really an excuse for my lack of production lately.

I open my file every day.  I just don’t actually find myself doing anything.

Oh, I tinker around in Scrivener.  I load my class file each day and play around in my project.  I’m learning a lot.  But I still can’t get any headway on Lord Regret.  It’s not him.  It’s me.

I’ve been struggling to stay on track with Weight Watchers too.  Not tracking faithfully.  Not exercising.  I’m still up and down the same 2 lbs since April.  Which is actually GOOD considering I haven’t been trying very hard.

Grrr.  I’m annoyed with myself.

I just have to keep trying.  I start out each day tracking, even if I don’t finish.  I did get back to Power 90 this week…once.  That’s a start.  I planned to work out today over lunch but I didn’t feel the greatest.  Hopefully I won’t get the fall cold going around and I can kick myself in the tail.

As for Lord Regret, I’m giving up on him for awhile.  I’m going to talk to Gil instead.  He didn’t have a voice in Lady Doctor Wyre and I have a feeling he might have a lot to say.

3 thoughts on “Ennui

  1. Right there with ya, hon.


  2. I haven’t been feeling the love for my current story, either. I wish I could blame it, but it’s all me. I think I need to do what you’re doing, and find the story that’s talking right now… the other will wait for later.

    Hope you don’t get sick! I’m just getting over it, and it’s no fun.

  3. Like “Who’s this crack pot Charlie stuck me with?” 😆 Actually, I love the idea of getting some of Gil’s POV. It’ll come.

    Crossing fingers you don’t get sick.

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