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Today was a massive cleaning day. Let me tell you, I’ve never seen bigger slobs than my family. Gah. And spoiled!!! I went through several containers of toys that we’d put in the garage because we didn’t have room in the house. We ended up making two trips to the storage unit, and I’m ashamed to say how much junk we’ll be throwing out. Some of that stuff we hadn’t touched in the two years we’ve lived here, so it was time to toss or donate it, if I can find someone to take it.

Meanwhile, of course, the laundry’s going, and we went and got groceries and had to put them away, which meant I ended up cleaning the pantry too. I guess I’m just in the declutter mode, and I’d better do it while I’m in the mood!

e.g. I’m not neck-deep in writing!

I even took 5 grocery bags of books to the used book store this past week, and I’ve got another sack of DVDs to sell, if I can find a place to take them. Now if I could only declutter my brain at the same time…!

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