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Fakin’ It Day 3

So Monday was my first day of “Faking It.”  I read everything I have for Sig.  I actually opened a file.  (Yes, it’d been at least two full weeks since I’d done that if not more, so it was a big step.)

Yesterday, I set a goal of 250 words in Sig.  I got 417.  I also completed Power 90 Sweat at level 3/4 and was able to get all the way through it, even though I’ve been hit or miss for months now.

Today, I did Power 90 Strength at level 3/4.  I cut my reps back to 10 (I was up to 15-20 on all sets) but kept the weight where I was before.  I was able to do everything, although I couldn’t get anywhere near as many reps on my max pushups.  Squats I did fine, but my knees were definitely tired going up and down the stairs the rest of the day.

Then I had some people just randomly start talking in my head.  The last time this happened, I ended up with Lady Blackmyre’s Her Grace’s Stable (coming soon from Samhain), so of course I had to listen.  I had no idea who she was (no name) but I knew immediately which story she belonged to.  It was just a few rough lines I’d jotted down for an anthology call months ago.

2,131 words later…

Isn’t that crazy?  I have to beat Sig within an inch of his life to get 250 words and I sit down in an hour or two tonight and have 2K on a different story.  But that’s the way it is sometimes.  I didn’t let my muse off easy either.  I *had* to get my 250 words for Sig before bed.

I wrote a bit and checked my word count… 98 words.  *headdesk*  I’m in the politics of Zijin and I’m feeling my way through several new characters and I don’t know that I’m playing them correctly yet.  Oh well, I can always revise it later.  It’s just slow going until I figure out who wants who killed.  (Although short story:  everyone wants Sig to kill someone.)  I refused to give up until I hit my words.  Finally, 334 words.

Movement.  Progress.

2 thoughts on “Fakin’ It Day 3

  1. Progress is good! Hang in there!

  2. Way to go!! Forward movement is always a good thing!

    See you D&E 😎

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