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Fast Draft Becomes MayNoWriMo

Well, I didn’t finish the novella like I hoped — but I’ll take my 26K+ and build on it next month.  I’m 10-15K from finishing, a very doable task the first week or two of May. 

A few things slowed me down these last few days.  I had a major commitment at the Evil Day Job come to a head this past week, and the stress carried over into my writing time.  I just couldn’t get as much done as I hoped – my brain wouldn’t cooperate.  This weekend so far, I’ve spent all my time catching up on laundry (never got last week’s done because the dryer quit) and helping Princess with her science fair project.  I edited her papers, summaries, etc. and then helped her print out all the documents.  Also used her raw data to create a cool line chart.

You wouldn’t believe her project:  Poop to Us, Food for Plants.  She took three kinds of manure from Papa’s farm — quail, horse, and cow — and compared the growth rates to Miracle-Gro and regular potting soil.  I was shocked that horse poop outgrew everything.  The quail poop never sprouted.  Papa warned that it was a “hot” manure and would work best if composted for awhile first. 

I’ll be glad to get our spare table back and all those smelly pots outside.

I need a serious mental health day after all the craziness lately — maybe a whole bottle of wine, sigh, which I don’t have.  It’d totally screw up my diet anyway.  (Happy to report I’ve lost 30 pounds!!)  I’ll spend tomorrow getting the MayNoWriMo list up and running, organizing my goals, etc.  Ideally, I’ll get into BGW too and set myself up well for Monday, but I’m not going to stress myself out if I don’t get that far.  My other goals for May will be to finalize the plot for Phantom — including a rough synopsis — and to get a first-draft plot outline for Lord Regret’s Price.  I had some interesting realizations this week that I need to jot down before I forget.

P.S. I’ve heard from my editor at Drollerie Press that the formatting for Return to Shanhasson is DONE!  We’re waiting on cover art now, but we should *crosses fingers, throws salt, etc.* be able to release in May!

5 thoughts on “Fast Draft Becomes MayNoWriMo

  1. Whoot! :rubs hands together: Can’t wait for return. Congrats on the weight loss. Now to figure out goals for May!

  2. Yay for Return and weight loss! And good luck with your goals this month Joely, I’m mulling over mine today to make sure I can commit to them.

  3. Yeah for Princess and you for helping her and so proud of both of you. Also proud of weight loss and also Princesses weight loss. Way to go girls.

  4. It’s now May. Where is the book??? I’m waiting for it so badly. I loved the first two!

  5. BookAddict – if you’re speaking of Return, I *hope and pray* that it will be this month! The publisher at Drollerie Press has been terribly ill, so I’ve been assigned to a new editor, new cover artist, etc. so it’s just taking awhile. I do have the final book that I can send out for an ARC – so if you’re interested in an advanced copy, drop me a note! I can most easily get PDF but if some other format works best, just let me know. Thank you so much for your interest!

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