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Fast Draft Day 010

Oh, so hard to get up this morning.  But I made it.  I set a goal of reaching 20K.  And I made that too.

Today:  1,666

Total:  20,026

Snippet:  Tecun living and breathing in our world for the first time.

I cringed at the volume of Natalie’s voice.  When she got scared, she got loud.  And cursed.  A lot.  She’d taught the paramedics a few choice phrases as they resuscitated me.

The creature slammed against the door, rattling the opaque glass in its frame.

“What should we do, lady?”

Stunned, I stared at Jose.  He expected me to do something about that walking corpse?  What could I possibly do but kick off my ridiculous heels and run?  I hadn’t turned into Lara Croft overnight.

“She should stand aside and allow her warrior to decapitate the demon and send it back to Xibalba.”

3 thoughts on “Fast Draft Day 010

  1. “I hadn’t turned into Lara Croft overnight.” LOL I love it!

  2. Ha! Tomb Raider references, for the win!

  3. I’m with Stephanie and GutterBall, love the Tomb Raider ref!

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