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Fast Draft Day 013

I’ve lost a few days in there somewhere, so “013” is a guess.

As if 5:00 AM on a rainy Monday isn’t enough fun, my brain decided to dream that the alarm was going off at…. 4:45 a.m. instead.  I didn’t want to fall back asleep for fear I wouldn’t get up again, so I went ahead and crawled out of bed.  Of course my programmed coffee pot hadn’t gone off yet, so I don’t know that I really gained any time – but at least I didn’t lose any either by oversleeping.  (My backup alarm wouldn’t have gone off until 6:15 for That Man.)

We were incredibly busy this weekend and I’ve lost all sense of accomplishment.  I can’t remember how many words I had Friday.  I did get up D&E but never posted.  I’m guessing I had about 1K.  Saturday I slept in and then hauled the monsters all over town preparing for Easter.  We had company that night until almost 10:00 pm and finally watched Inception.  That Man had to work both days this weekend, and I didn’t want to face the horrible crowds at church without him Sunday, so we stayed home for Easter.  He ended up getting off early and was home by 11 AM, so we had a nice late breakfast together.

Then he decided we should try to run all the errands that we hadn’t had time to run earlier over the weekend, so out we went.  Of course nearly everybody was closed.  We came home so I could continue laundry…only to realize the dryer was broken.  Again.  Second time this year, same problem.  I think it’s got a wiring/short out problem that keeps blowing up the heating element.  So instead of dumping another repair bill into the machine, we bought a new one.

The Easter Bunny is delivering a dryer today, and somewhere in between the Evil Day Job and cooking dinner tonight, I need to get two wet loads dried.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much writing done yesterday at all.  I don’t have any idea of the breakdown by days, so I’ll just report my total:

23,000 words right on the nose

And we’ll continue from there for the rest of the week.

“In dreams, you could do whatever you wished with me, and on the morrow awake and go about your life as though nothing had happened.  Now I’m real, here, in the flesh.  You will have to open your eyes when you awake and see that I am there beside you.  You must then acknowledge what we have done.  I’m a dream no longer, where you were free to be what you want without worry of judgment or misunderstanding.”

3 thoughts on “Fast Draft Day 013

  1. *shiver* I’m lovin’ me some Tecun. (SP?)

    Happy belated Easter. What’d you think about Inception? I still found little things I missed during a recent fourth viewing. 🙂

  2. I agree!! Tecun is yummy:)

  3. He’s a badass. I loooooove a badass. Not a bad guy, per se, but definitely a badass.

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