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Fast Draft Day 015

Yesterday was a bit of a bust – I didn’t even break 1K.  I’ve had a touch of some kind of stomach bug the last couple of days, and my energy levels were just too low yesterday, even though I did get up Dark & Early. 

I told Raelyn this morning that I’m in the dreaded middle, leading up to the approach to the inner cave.  I’m tired.  I’m low on energy.  I can’t remember what I did this morning, let alone last week.  The novella is running longer than I planned, making the end seem even further away.

Now, more than ever, I have to keep pushing forward.  Once I clear the top of this hill–mountain–then it’ll be top speed down the other side.  The end should just unfold like a dream.  I just need to get there.

I had much better luck this morning, but I decided I wasn’t going to post until I finally broke 25K.  Just did it! 

Total:  25,006 words


You want to be afraid of me.

2 thoughts on “Fast Draft Day 015

  1. You can do it! :shakes pom-poms: You can do it!

    Thanks for the shout-out. And you know me, longer is better :mrgreen:

  2. *hugs* Hang in there Joely, hope you feel better soon!

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