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February Goals

But first, a quick recap of January.

My goal in January was to set a Dark & Early writing schedule before the Evil Day Job starts at 6:30 AM.  Since I have a hard time getting to bed before 10 PM, the earliest I felt comfortable (and able!) to get up is 5 AM.  By the time I get dressed, grab coffee (set up the night before), etc. I have about 35 mins before I have to get Princess up for school.  She’s been conning me into getting her breakfast and making her sandwich for lunch, so I haven’t been getting any more writing done before I start work.  (But she gets up a little easier that way, and it’s worth the cost in my time to help her out if that puts her in a better mood!  Age 13 oh the drama!)

I made it every work day in January except the one day I took a vacation day.  Woot!  I averaged 556 words a morning, not counting some plotting and general notes I wrote up the last week or so, for a total just shy of 14K.  Not the best month by far, but steady.  I’m behind of where I need to be if I’m going to submit this story by the deadline, and looking at what I have to get done in Feb, I may have to keep this story and submit it at another date.  We’ll see.

Because dun dun DUN….  Edits for The Bloodgate Warrior have popped into my inbox and they need to be turned back in by Feb. 15th.  Edits on a contracted work ALWAYS take priority over uncontracted drafts.  Always.  These are not minor little tweaks, either.  BGW fans will probably be thrilled to know I’m adding some fairly significant new material.  If I get away adding less than 10K to the story through revisions, I’ll be lucky.  (Yes, I know that’s almost my entire Jan total and I only have two weeks.  Please don’t remind me.)

So my goals for Feb are short and sweet.

  1. The Bloodgate Warrior edits, due by 2/15.
  2. Pick up “3Aliens” again afterward and see where I am.  Even if I don’t feel like there’s any way I’m going to hit the deadline (my word count is probably way off too so there’s several things to consider), I’d still like to finish this one.  It fits my brand nicely and I’m having a really fun time writing it.  It’s the first erotic SFR I’ve done that’s entirely in the hero’s POV.
  3. When I need a little break, continue scouting for stockphotos so I can get Survive My Fire and The Fire Within re-released.  I’ve created a Keldari storyboard of the ideas I’ve found so far, but if you have any recs, I’d love to see them!
  4. Continue posting Lady Wyre’s Regret each Friday and decide if I’m satisfied with the ending.

What are your goals this month?

2 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. I love that you post your monthly goals!

    I have every confidence you’ll get those edits done 🙂 I like the older Jalan you have, he fits my image almost to a T. Eleni works for me but I’m not sure about Chanda. Love the backgrounds you have on the storyboard! And you may have just given me the justification I needed for Pinterest…darn you 😉

  2. I love your Keldari Storyboard! The Chanda and Eleni models are gorgeous, and both Jalans are equally sexy, but in different ways. I would be hard pressed to choose, so I don’t envy you the task!

    Best of luck with your Bloodgate edits! Can’t wait to see what additions you have in store. 😀

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