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Fess Up Monday

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What a great weekend!

Saturday, I drove down to Joplin (a bit of an achievement because I really don’t like to drive on the freeway, but I didn’t have any problems) to go to a Ren Faire with my Beloved Sis! I got to catch up with Pesh and meet her husband as well as several other friends. They are a hilarious bunch, let me tell you, but with Molly as a friend, I expected nothing less than to come home with my sides hurting from laughing.

Conn was rather disappointed with the weapons demonstrations, but otherwise, it was a lovely day. Not too warm or too crowded. I picked up some neat hair garlands for the monsters with matching magic wands. They’ve been dancing around giving out wishes ever since, but oddly, no laundry or dishes fairy has shown up yet.

I did get a little writing done each day and I’m close to my 30K goal for April. May is forming up to be a brutal month with at least 30K to finish the first draft of Road. I mean, hello, I’m not even ON the Road to Shanhasson yet… However, I’m definitely on the metaphorical Road, and some agonizing events must happen first to force Shannari’s feet onto the Road where she doesn’t want to travel.

I’m just scenes away from Gregar’s heart’s desire. That scene’s been years in the making, and I’m actually dreading it. Lots of expectations and worries twisted together into such a simple scene. I’ll just have to jump into the Well and hope for the best.

A new month is just around the corner. Are you thinking about your goals yet?

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