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Fess Up Monday

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Although I’m struggling to still get up Dark & Early before work, I am getting up at least 3 days a week and getting a few hundred words before it’s time to head to the EDJ. Every hundred adds up, especially when I can add another few hundred at night. I had one huge day last week nearly 6K in one day *gulp!* but my average is slowly moving up to around 1K a day. I’d like to bump that up to 1.5K a day, though, so I can catch up with Sven. Gregar’s holding the ivory rahke to my throat, whispering Type faster, faster yet…

His book, The Road to Shanhasson, is up over 15K. Yeah, that surprises me. Here I feared that I wouldn’t have enough story to fill 90K and now… I’m making a mental tally of all the story I have to cover yet and I don’t know that I’ll make it.

This week, I’ll pull out my notes for his prequel and see if I can put together something that’s NEW that I can give away week by week in its entirety, without spoilers to the entire series, and won’t detract too much from my progress on the second book in the trilogy. Gregar’s a challenge to rein in, as I’ve hinted already. Covering his prequel and what drove him from his position as the most honored Death Rider — assassin — on the Plains to Khul’s second-status Blood without giving away his most secret heart’s desire will be quite the challenge.

I’m starting to get antsy about a contest I entered Letters in, too. I’m expecting to see a list of finalists any day, now, and if the miracle happens… My revisions aren’t finished. A final would definitely light a fire under my ass, though, so I could whip out the last few thousand I’m planning to expand that work.

It’s the last week of March. What do you hope to accomplish before you have to flip the page over to April?

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