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Fess Up Monday

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Not counting today, I’ve written just under 25K in March. Not bad… but not where I need to be. I’m at 59K for the year, and averaging just over 1K a day. Now that’s pretty good, actually. 1K a day ends up to be three full-length novels. Considering that I’m writing a full-length novel from scratch right now (I don’t count the old first draft from like 3 years ago), and have significant revisions to several other full-length stories in the works… I need that 1K a day. :-)

This week, I’ll continue Gregar’s book, or The Road to Shanhasson. I’m almost through the wedding. *snorts* Remember when I was trying to decide where to start and I almost skipped the wedding? Now I have over 20K just to get through it. See why I thought about skipping it? However, some really, really wonderfully horrible conflict came out of this first night. That stuns me — 20K and I’m not even through one night yet. Gulp. I feel some summary coming on very soon. I have so much story to get through….. Maybe some of this angst will get cut in revisions. Oops, Gregar is not liking that idea and is rolling the ivory rahke on his palm.

I’ll also try to work on Gregar’s prequel a little this week for a new Friday Snippet. Whew, he sheathed the knife.

Deena also asked me about perhaps another Keldari-themed novella to accompany the others, and of course gave me an incredible, challenging idea to think about. That’s percolating on the back burner. Something with FIRE of course, but an entirely different angle from the others.

Don’t forget Letters. Or RHP. Or Night Sun Rising. All slated for significant revisions this year. I must keep the pipeline full!

Beautiful Death is in editor revisions and the first pass will likely come very soon.

I’ve been mailing out bookmarks like a fiend. VistaPrint definitely loves me.

I have a home office trip in two weeks.

I still need to do our taxes! *panics*

Sigh. I have so much to do! And so very little time.

April goals: hit at least 50K in Road and hopefully make weekly snippets of The Shadowed Blood. How about you?

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