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Fess Up Monday

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Forgive me, I haven’t been writing much at all. At least nothing to brag about.

I have a pretty decent query for NSR. I’ve got 60 pages shuffled, filled, and smoothed — only to realize I need to reorder the beginning scenes again and worsen the office breakin. Since I was a bit stalled on this project, I switched to Letters. Yeah, I know. I didn’t think I was going to work on that story, but in many ways, I need to. I wrote up a query for it and continued smoothing and shuffling Conn’s POV back into the story, up to 51.5K. See how close to finished this rewrite is? Although these next sections will definitely be harder, because it’s a brand new subplot. Good stuff though.

Meanwhile, I’ve ordered blackout thermal curtains for 3 windows and some new bedding for the new house. Yesterday we got the keys and walked through it empty. Oh dear. Saw a few things that made me dislike the house even more, like phone line in the basement that the previous tenant had run herself. Wires just coming out of holes in the wall and ceiling are never good. That Man wounded his hand on nails in the fence (that she put up herself)–so much for trusting the monsters to play at will outside, until we do some repairs, that is. And the kitchen…is so small…I’ll be cooking out of boxes until we can find some decent and cheap storage options.

Oh, but the kids love the basement. Littlest Monster only fell down the stairs once yesterday. (Just a few, enough to scare her.)

We began prepping the walls for paint yesterday–they’re currently white and pretty scuffed and dinged. After living here with a nice neutral on all the walls, I can’t bear to live in a white house again. So for the next couple of nights, we’ll be taping and painting. Now That Man begins to understand why the bulk of the house is already packed except for living necessities….I won’t have time to pack much more this week and move day is Friday.

I’m holding on to my sanity for August 15th. We’ll be moved, unpacked (at least what I have room for), and the kids will go back to school. Then watch out. I’ll have some serious writing goals to hit this fall. I’ll keep grinding away bit by bit on what I can now, but I’ve accepted that I’ll be scattered and disorganized until then.

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