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Fighting Blue Monday with Good News

The next two weeks are supposedly some of the bluest times of the year for people.  So let’s fight that with some good news!  I’ll start.

  • I’ve finished two full weeks of Power 90 and started week 3 last night.  There are still certain moves I can’t do exactly right, but I’m definitely getting stronger.  Last night was tough – I was *dripping* sweat.  Man was my fat crying!  But I made it all the way through the cardio portion despite my…
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve got plantar fasciitis in my right foot.  I had issues before Power 90 – I actually think the exercise, especially the regular stretching, is helping.  It’s only bad in the morning when I first get up and if I forget to stretch after sitting for awhile at the computer.  I’m wearing my Sketchers *constantly* which have helped tremendously.  (That’s how I injured it in the first place – wearing nothing but slippers on the tile floor while doing the holiday baking.)  It’s not so bad where I feel the need to see a doctor.  Yet.
  • I’ve been tracking my daily word counts, averaging 531 words a day for about 6,400 words so far this month.  Definitely not NaNoWriMo pace, but I’ve made words day except on Saturdays.  That’s also my “rest” day for Power 90 and the monsters have basketball, so we’re busy that day.
  • Speaking of which, the two youngest monsters are playing Upward Basketball this year, and each have won a game.  Middle had a particularly great game Saturday, even though she was feeling under the weather.
  • I found a new shop where I can get local and organic meats and other goodies.  I got a nice-sized baggie of bay leaves for only $1.  Last night we had home-grown brats.  I cut mine up with peppers and zucchini so I could enjoy the taste without the high carbs of the bun and it was delish.
  • I read an excellent fantasy romance this weekend – Master of Crows by Grace Draven.  I really enjoyed it.  The slow development of romance between Silhara and Martise is very well done, and while I wished for even more magic and fantasy elements, it was NOT fantasy lite.  A nice balance.
  • I splurged on a very expensive kitchen appliance this weekend, too.  A Vitamix.  However, I can’t wait to make shakes, soups, fruit “ice cream” etc. and I especially want to try grinding my own wheat for flour.  I looked at a NutriMill a few weeks ago and couldn’t make myself bite the bullet to spend that much on something that *only* grinds grains.  I’m hoping the VitaMix will become an essential part of our more healthy kitchen.

What’s your good news today?

8 thoughts on “Fighting Blue Monday with Good News

  1. You rock. You are so motivating and positive. Just love you!!!!!!!!

    1. Aw, hugs and thanks, BB! I totally “blame” that Vitamix on you and your wonderful tales! I can’t wait to get it…

  2. Excellent start to the week 🙂

    I’ll have to check out that book.

    You’ll LOVE the Vitamix. My mother bought one of the first ones out and that thing still works like a charm! She actually needs to find a new source of bulk wheat now that the co-op closed in her area. It is worth every penny. We never did soups in it growing up but did the ice cream which came out more frozen yogurt like, good but not something we did a lot of. The shakes on the other hand were Sunday night treats for years. And if you find a protein power shake you like, they are awesome in the Vitamix.

    1. Yay, I so can’t wait, Raelyn! I hope we totally love it. I’m so excited!

  3. Its hard for me to think of any good news this monday, seeing as how I got some of the worst news of my life last week (on my birthday too). But I’m going to try and remember what matters after all this unpleasantness.

    I finished edits on a short story. And got them back to my editor making that work one step closer to publication.

    After a rejection, I got an acceptance for another short with a new publisher.

    I got a pay check this week. (feeling very thankful for that right now).

    I have today off and paid for the first time ever.

    All and all it could be a lot worse. Hoping everything continues to be good with you and yours Joely.

    1. Hugs, Willa, I’m so sorry. 🙁 Happy late birthday and I hope this week is much better for you!

  4. My good news for today is that I’m making great progress on writing all the guest blog posts I owe to various people for their web pages! and I’m having to stay off twitter to do it, which is hard for me! LOL. Thanks for the upbeat post!

    1. You’re welcome, Veronica, and good luck with your blog posts!

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