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Finish the Damned Book

Last night, I finished my 7th full-length novel, 9th counting the novellas.  Victor, the NaNoWriMo novel, is finished at 73K and before anyone asks when they can read it, it needs a ton of work before it’ll be presentable!  But the first major hurdle is done.

There was a time in my writing journey where I seriously doubted I would ever be able to finish a book again.  For one full year, I didn’t finish a single new novel.  Each time, I begin to wonder if maybe the magic is gone.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe this will be the book that breaks me.

Well, I’m not broken yet.

Victor pushed me into places that were hard to go.  He wants things I can’t possibly understand.  Deep down, he fears he’s a very, very bad man, and at the core, unlovable.  Dealing with his fears was exhausting and yes, exhilarating.  Each book is hard for a different reason and teaches me something new.  I guess Victor had to show me that I can’t worry about people may think.  I can’t get too wrapped up in how politically incorrect, vulgar, or risky a character may be.  I just have to write the book and trust the magic not to fail me.

And even though Victor was making me doubt whether I would ever get to his endzone, his sister started blabbing in my head last night and her hero showed up.  Well, at least one of them.  ::ahem::

Final line from Victor, subject to revision:

“Watch the show and see for yourself.”

13 thoughts on “Finish the Damned Book

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  3. CONGRATS!!! 🙂

  4. Congrats hon! That’s so great! You really can be proud!

  5. Oops. I already asked. Sorry. 😉 (Well, really, I’m not… 😎 )

  6. Thanks, guys! I really need a dancing Hobbs like Patti O’Shea uses to celebrate!

    Haha, Nicole, your enthusiasm may make Revision Hell less painful!

  7. Me too, ya know i want to read it. Right? 😎

  8. YAY!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Congrats!!

  9. Kick ass! I must reiterate, you’re so awesome, Joely. ^_^

  10. congrats! Gah now I’m excited for Vicky’s book too!!!!

  11. congrats again! standing by to cheer you on through revision hell… 😀

  12. Thanks, everyone! I’m still grinning!

  13. :mrgreen: I can’t wait to read the full story of Victor. last night I went back and read all the little tidbits you had on your blog and I want to read MORE. 😆 have a great weekend my friend

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