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Forcing the Work

I’ve got too different angles of “force” I’m thinking about at the moment.  Forcing a bulb (to make it bloom early) and forcing something against its will.  I’m doing both at the moment and neither is going very well.

I planned to plot the rest of Vicki this month and she just doesn’t wanna.  She doesn’t want me to plot.  It’s the oddest thing.  Every time I sit down to think about hero’s journey, dark moment, whatever, she just digs in her heels and clamps her mouth shut. 

So to get back at this mutiny, I made her explore her relationship with Mama Connagher.  *evil cackle*  Vicki still hasn’t forgiven me, but I have a pretty good understanding of why she and Mama are at odds.  It goes way back to an event barely mentioned in Dear Sir and has nothing to do with the act itself, but the way Vicki felt betrayed…by her mother. 

Yet she still doesn’t want me to plot.  So I guess I’m just going to open up her file and pick away at her until she loosens up her tongue and we get momentum back.  I’d be really happy to finish her first draft by the end of August.  (August goal #1)

On the other end of the spectrum, I’m trying to force-start a story early.  By early, I mean I have something else in the series to write first, but I really want to know these details.  I want to have it in my mind now, so that as I write the intermediate work, I can lay bread crumbs.  I have the underlying mythology and research already done…I’ve just got to find the story (August goal #2).  I need it to bloom NOW not in six months.

I have the hero but have absolutely no idea who his heroine is.  I don’t know anything about her at all.  Not her race, background, name, story goal, NOTHING.  I know the theme of the story, but even that hasn’t helped.  I know the hero’s goal, but I still have no idea how this woman would be in opposition to him.  Wherefore art thou, O heroine?  Don’t make me stick you in the dark freezer for a few months to trick you into blooming early!  (My next trick is to play tarot again and see if I get any clues.)

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2 thoughts on “Forcing the Work

  1. I’ve been trying to do a bit of forcing, myself. Here’s hoping we can both get it to work properly.

    And fine! I’ll enter your giveaway… 😉 (I keep meaning to, but you know how time gets away even from the best organized of us — and that’s very much not me, so it counts double.)

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