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Friday Snippet – The Shadowed Blood

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My super brilliant editor, Deena, called Gregar lethally sexy. I totally agree. :D

I hinted last week that I had some ideas for Gregar’s prequel. This little story will be most meaningful to those who’ve read The Rose of Shanhasson and need some Gregar action to tie them over until book 2… but I’ll do my best not to give away too many spoilers or depend too heavily on the overall series arc in the main series. Of course, if you love Gregar’s story, he’s a very important character in the series and you will definitely want to read more. *wink wink*

If you want to read more about how Death Riders are first Called to sacrifice, check out the free read Touch the Sky.

I don’t know how many scenes I’ll get out of this, nor if I’ll hit every single week or not, but I’m jumping into the Well and will trust Gregar to guide me. When I finish the whole story, I’ll put it into a pdf and load it in the freebie section. This is the opening section I wrote Dark and Early this morning to:

The Shadowed Blood

The most honored Death Rider stood on a smoldering black ledge above a lake of fire in the heart of the Mountain and wept.

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