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General Update

Sorry for the unexpected blog silence!  Things have been crazy around here.  Let’s see if I can catch you up without writing a book.

Survived the trip to MN for the Evil Day Job.  Reconnected with lots of people, gave and participated in training, and realized I’ve actually picked up more than I expected over the past few months, so that’s good.  Work is crazy as usual with meetings, tight deadlines, production issues, etc. so it’s going to be a big push through the end of the year.  I’m taking 47.5 hours of vacation starting 12/18 at 11:15 and I have to get a major project in shape before I can comfortably leave.  (Otherwise I’ll lose the vacation.)

Survived Thanksgiving prep.  It wasn’t the same without my beloved sister and my ex-SIL I still miss sorely, especially on Thanksgiving when we used to prep (and drink wine) together.  Of course it wasn’t the same without That Man’s father either, but we did okay.  I didn’t burn anything, though my cherry pie didn’t come anywhere close to living up to Mistress L’s expectations (see The Billionaire Submissive in June to understand what I’m talking about).

I ended up getting a new computer this weekend so I spent a lot of time transferring files and generally cleaning up my old ASUS for the kids.  They’ve been killing my miniscule writing time by stealing my computer to play MineCraft so I had to do something.  The new baby is also an ASUS, touch screen with Windows 8.  It’s not as bad as I feared though I had to do lots of updates to get caught up to 8.1 and get Scrivener, etc. installed.  So far so good.  It has a gorgeous HD screen that’s crisp and clear, easy on my eyes, though I reserve the right to buy a large monitor at some point to ease my eye strain if needed.

We’re still working on Koko.  She saw the vet today and got some doggy happy pills to help with her anxiety.  The vet also recommended some trainers to help us with her socialization.  The vet agreed that Koko is a sweet dog – she’s not mean.  She’s scared.  Yet that doesn’t mean she couldn’t get into trouble in the wrong situation if we don’t learn how to handle her difficulties.

I got the paperwork done for The Billionaire Submissive and discussed plans with my editor on what to concentrate on next.  Up first is Mama C and then a holiday billionaire submissive for next year.  I’m also still working on the new PNR as well, so it’s going to be craaaaazy and full the next few months!

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