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General Update

Some days I’m barely treading water, but I’m holding in there.

The Evil Day Job is still slamming me, but hopefully these last two weeks of October will be a little quieter, and then I’m done with major support for quite some time.  Of course I’m now behind on a new project because of all this, so the stress won’t go down — it’ll just shift to something else.  I’m really getting burned out, but I have a lot of scheduled vacation in Nov — assuming I actually TAKE it.  I plan to.  It’s just hard when project commitments have been made.  I have to find a way to get it done and still take my time off.

Coyote Con’s still going strong.  Well, strong isn’t quite the word.  Attendance is really down this year.  If you have ideas for getting bodies in the chatrooms please let me know, either here, on the Coyote Con site, or email me.  If I don’t figure out how to get more attendees, I’ll have to discontinue the con.  It’s just too expensive in both time and money to continue.

Some of the problem is my own scheduling.  I should have started preparation, notification, and marketing much earlier than I did.  It’s just hard to plan it out on top of everything else I’m doing.  But Raelyn and I are already talking about coming up with a better plan of attack throughout the year instead of rushing right before Oct to figure things out.

With all this going on, I’ve not been writing.  I just don’t have the mental strength right now.  However, I’m trying to do a few creative things to kind of get my excitement back.  More to come on that front.

AND… I have final copies of Lord Regret’s Price on hand!  If you’d be interested in reviewing, please drop me a note with your desired format.

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  1. Growing Pains…that’s all it is with Coyote Con. We’ll get it handled. And we have the awesome planner winging its way to us, right 😉

    EDJ is sounding very evil and it’s no wonder you’re burning out. It’s like they are having you do three different jobs in the time it takes to do one. {{hugs}} Hope HQ figures that out.

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