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Giveaway: Handcrafted Journal

How better to celebrate Return to Shanhasson’s release than giving away a gorgeous journal handcrafted by my new editor, Lisa?  She kindly stepped in during Deena’s illness and put the final polish on Shannari’s grand adventure.  Without her, Mykal would still be lurking in Keldar and you’d never learn about Shannari’s greatest test of all, and yes, her greatest sacrifice.

I adore paper products, all sorts.  From colored index cards, sticky notes, journals, notebooks, reams of stock paper…  It’s physically impossible for me to go into an office supply store like Staples or Office Max and walk out without picking up some new paper product.  I’d probably be up for Hoarders if the monsters didn’t so kindly assist me in using up my paper goods.  *sobs – I’ve actually considered putting my notebooks and ink pens under lock and key!* 

Most especially, I love journals, especially unique, handmade ones.  My only problem:  I “save” them for something really good…  Which means they don’t always get used.  I keep them on a shelf and admire them.  I may not fight the blank page syndrome too much when writing a book, but when it comes to my own thoughts, I do often hesitate to put such “trival” matters down, especially on “nice” paper.  But you know what?  Those thoughts are just as important.

So I’m ordering one for myself and one to give away here on the blog.

There are two ways to enter.

  1. Comment here and tell me about your own journaling habits or simply throw your name in the hat.
  2. For extra entries, rate or review any Shanhasson book (Rose, Road, or Return) on any review site (Goodreads, personal blog, formal review site, even facebook) or online retailer (Amazon, B&N, etc.) and send the link(s) via email to joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com.  I’ll put your name in the magic hat again for each link you send me. Pre-existing reviews are okay and eligible, but please do send me the links if you’d like an extra entry.  I don’t have time to hunt them all down and I don’t want to enter someone who may not be aware of the giveaway going on (and I won’t be able to track them down if they win).

*cough* Notice that poor Road has NO Amazon ratings?  *sobs*

This giveaway is open to anyone on the planet, even if you’ve won something from me before.  I do not retain your name or email addresses after the giveaway is over. 

Comments and links will be accepted through midnight July 8th CST and the winner will be announced on the blog July 9th.

Reviewers who’d like a copy of any Shanhasson book, please drop me a note to the same email above with your desired format.

17 thoughts on “Giveaway: Handcrafted Journal

  1. Please count me in, Joely! Its GORGEOUS!!

  2. I do the same thing. Maybe that’s why TM won’t let me go to the store on my own 😆

    That journal is gorgeous. Good luck to all who enter.

  3. I used to write in my journals daily, but the habit petered off when I got super busy with school and general life. I think Twitter is the closest I come to journaling nowadays. =/

  4. I love journals and journaling! I use to do it everyday but now with work and kids it’s hard to get to it sometimes. I love writing all the mundane details of things. I don’t know why. I guess it helps me relive a good day? I posted a review on Amazon although it’s very short and I’m not very good at reviews, but hope it helps

  5. “*cough* Notice that poor Road has NO Amazon ratings? *sobs*”

    This situation has been rectified. :mrgreen:

    I would LOVE to journal more but…..well, my hand writing is atrocious. I’m not exaggerating, my teachers used to ask me to type my homework assignments because it was otherwise illedgible. I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason why my national exam scores were lower on my otherwise two best subjects (English and Literature) *sigh*. I even tried digital journaling but it just…doesn’t “feel” right. Probably cause I can’t make silly little sketches on the side. I have started looking up ways to improve my handwriting though, and Lisa’s journals are so lovely!

  6. YAY! The book is out. I’ll try to put a review on, but it’s under my husband’s account… so it probably won’t be there. 🙁

    As for writing journals, I used to do it in notebooks. Now, I do it on a blog. I have different ones for different thoughts. Books and movies are separate from my vacation ones.

  7. Heh, you know me and paper, Sis. I’m also a paper-holic. And I also have the devil of a time writing in a journal. You’d think I’d LOVE it, but other than Blogger and Twitter, I just can’t seem to keep a personal “methinks” journal. And I don’t use Blogger or Twitter as a wailing wall, which I probably need every now and then.

    I dunno. I guess it’s the idea of someone stumbling across my most personal thoughts after I’m dead or something that holds me up. My life may be an open book, and I’d tell ya just about anything if you asked, but I can’t imagine any of it being terribly interesting. And seriously, why commit it to paper if it isn’t interesting?

    *sigh* I’m hopeless. But those journals are sooooo nifty-looking….

  8. I have a diary that I used to write in everyday, but now it’s like every few months. But when I do get to it I write like twelve pages at a time, so my whole life is pretty much in one book. I don’t worry to much about people reading it one day and finding out my deep, dark secrets, because I have the worst handwriting in the world and thay would probably just be like, “Oh, a foreign person lived here. Cool.” 😉

  9. Hmmm…. I only write in my journal when I’m feeling something so deep and so personal (i.e. anger, nostalgia, melancholy) therefore I don’t write everyday and sometimes I just verbalize it and pour it out to my closest friends.

    But I do have a journal where I write my dreams. I have very vivid dreams and I love writing about them since their contents, what I experience in these dreams, are so fantastic! I started about nine years ago when I noticed that I kept having dreams about the same person. And I’m still rolling! :mrgreen:

  10. Hi..
    I love papet, too and was very resistant to getting an eReader. I finally did because many of the authors I was reading only had ebooks. If I ever get back to journaling (sigh) I will definitely stick with paper. There’s something about the act of writing that I find very cathartic. This one is beautiful so I hope I win!

  11. I would love to win this, I’m a stationery freak.

  12. I keep travel journals. Hilarious to read back years later. My favorite is the first journal I wrote as a child; when traveling. I was obsessed by the food we ate along the way.


  13. The Journal is amazing!! Personally I’m with you, I hesitate to write my thoughts down on paper on a daily basis. I’m lucky to write in a journal once a week but never buy them for myself and since the one I am using curently is almost full… This one is so beautiful!!

  14. I love paper and office products too! Can not resist pretty paper, notebooks, post it notes, pens, etc even though I could probably supply a small office for about a year! My whole family laughs at how excited I get over back to school supplies even though I am not in school and don’t have kids. I do tend to pick up stuff and give to my neices and nephews though.

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  15. As a kid I was very good about journaling, but sadly now with FB, blogging, and twitter I don’t seem to do it as much anymore. The journal is very lovely and I too have a paper addiction, lol. I love the smell of paper even I know gross but I do.congrats on the new release as well!

  16. I sometimes like to write in a journal, but I suck at maintaining the habit and I also have a problem with nice paper, it’s so hard to start writing on. Thanks for the giveaway, the journal is gorgeous.


  17. JessS, the monsters picked your name out of the hat! I’ll e-mail you too in case you don’t see this.

    Thank you to everyone who entered and rated/reviewed/commented about Return!

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