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Giveaway: Lynn Viehl’s Twilight Fall

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It’s no secret that I adore both Lynn Viehl’s blog and her books. I’m celebrating, because Twilight Fall releases today!

I’ve been a Darkyn fan since the beginning with If Angels Burn. While I can’t afford to give away the whole series like I did for Evermore, I did buy an extra copy of Valentin’s story that I’ll put up for grabs this week while I’m in Revision Hell.

Because I blew my postage budget with the last contest, I can only afford to send this copy to US residents. (I do regularly have contests for anyone on the planet, but not this time, sorry!!) Simply comment on THIS POST ONLY by midnight CST Friday, July 4th to be entered, or you may e-mail me once at joely AT joelysueburkhart DOT com with “Lynn Viehl” or some other identifier in the subject so I can easily find you if you fall into my spam folder.

ETA: As always, I do not retain your name or address if you enter.

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