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Giveaway: Steampunk Heart Necklace by @19moons

As soon as I saw this necklace, I knew I had to buy it for some lucky winner.

If you take a close look at the cover for LADY DOCTOR WYRE, you’ll see that she’s wearing a necklace.  That necklace is the key to keeping Sig alive.

As her creations returned to their origin, the locket seemed to catch fire between them, molten metal searing her breast. Too tiny for her human eyes to see, her assemblers crawled out of his pores and cells. All year long, she wore the locket against her skin, allowing her body heat and life energy to infuse the battery cells within, so that if he ever needed a jolt, all he had to do was reach her. She’d also programmed her assemblers to emit alarms if his life energy ever ran too low, so even if he were too injured or weakened, she’d always be able to find him.

While she would mourn his death, she had an ulterior motive for such a detail—the tiny nanobots could never be allowed to fall into enemy hands.

If you’d like to win this necklace, simply comment on this post and tell me your favorite etsy or other hand-crafted shop (preferrably online so I can shop!) or simply throw your name in the hat. 

For extra entries, you can rate or review Lady Doctor Wyre.  I’ll automatically pull in all rates/reviews from GoodReads, Amazon, or B&N (existing ARC reviews do count).  If you rate/review it anywhere else (your personal blog, etc.), please comment with the links — or drop me an email so your extra entries are counted.  Twitter counts too — just use @joelysue so I can see your tweet.  Note that I can’t easily keep track of the “new” RT feature, so the old classic style is best to ensure your tweets get you the extra entries.

This giveaway is open to anyone on the planet, even if you’ve won something before, and will remain open until April 8th.  The winner will be announced April 9th on the blog.  If the winner hasn’t responded by April 11th, I’ll draw another name.

13 thoughts on “Giveaway: Steampunk Heart Necklace by @19moons

  1. I should probably stop being the first to comment if I want to win:)Of course what I really want are the trading cards:) my fave etsy shop use to be Sugar Roxx but she’s on hiatus now. She makes charms by putting little bity things in resin. They are pretty cute I think. One year she did a vampire hunter one with a tiny stake and cross which I thought was funny.

  2. I just read the Wyre prequel. What fun! The patter is great and the SF has me intrigued. Normally I’m too shy to read menages, but I do believe you’ve tempted me into this one 🙂

  3. Joely, this book looks fantastic, I can’t wait to read it. Congrats on release day!

    I love the steampunk styled rings at

  4. Happy release day!

    I haven’t been on etsy in a while but I have yet to find a shop I didn’t love, LOL

  5. Happy Release Day Joely!

    Please toss my name into the hat. I’ve only just browsed Etsy on occasion but much like Sherri (who I seem to agree with most of the time!) there’s lots to love. I’m especially fond of the artists who make personalized journals but I have sadly misplaced to the link for one in particular whose journals are just drool-worthy.

  6. Congratulations on your new release! I love that necklace….I’m actually quite a fiend about Etsy because I like to buy handmade/homemade when possible and I’m quite fond of MerciStudio in St.Louis

  7. Happy release day!! It feels like we’ve been waiting for Lady Doctor Wyre for a very very long time. 🙂 I don’t really surf Etsy (pure wallet preservation), but I love the delicacy of this seller’s roses.

  8. I am only now getting into steampunk, and I love this necklace.

  9. Happy release day Joely. SO excited to finally be able to sink my teeth in to Lady Wyre. I don’t shop on esty a lot, and it not a handcrafted shop but I love Terra Firm. They create new things out of waist or by products. Very green. Like me. I have their winebottle wine glasses, their can trashcans and I want to get one of their flipflop baskets.

  10. Eee! So exciting! I actually followed 19Moons on Twitter a long time ago, so I’m thrilled to see this is one of theirs. Gorgeous stuff! Toss me in the hat, just for grins?

  11. LondonParticulars has a whole buch of cool steampunk-ish things! I really like their stuff!
    Thanks for the great givaway!

  12. Thank you everyone who entered!

    Junegirl63 – you’re the winner! Please drop me a note at joelysueburkhart AT gmail DOT com so I can ship your necklace!

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