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Golden Release Giveaway

Celebrating Golden’s release from Carina Press tomorrow, I’m giving away this gorgeous tote from HautTotes (edited to note:  the size will be the larger full-size tote not the mini)!

To Enter:  comment on this post and tell me your favorite Asian movie.  Red Cliff?  Curse of the Golden Flower?  Legend of the Black Scorpion?  Or simply throw your name in the hat.  Anyone on the planet can enter — I’ll ship internationally.  I do not retain your name or address after the giveaway is over.

Optional:  for more chances to win, review or rate Golden on any online site (Amazon, GoodReads, your blog, etc.) and send me the link.  Each link will gain another entry in the giveaway.

This giveaway will remain open until midnight (CST) Sept. 10th.  If I’m unable to contact the winner after 48 hours, I’ll pick another name.

25 thoughts on “Golden Release Giveaway

  1. I love them all!!!!!
    Don’t stop writing Joely!!! 😛

  2. That’s actually kinda nice. And I don’t do anything that looks like a purse, so you know I really do like it. Might as well jump in for a chance, right?

    I dunno if it’s my favorite or not, but I love “Hero” with Jet Li and Donnie Yen, etc. The use of color, how the story changes each time it’s told, how the music sets each scene…. yeah. I love that flick

  3. I’m in love with Japanese horror movies. Ju-on, Ringu, Ju-Rei, and One Missed Call to name some. Nobody does a good ghost movie like the Japanese.

    1. I think it’s because they still understand the concept of atmosphere over flash. You’ll notice that anytime we Americans try to remake one, we pull in the atmosphere for a while, but then apparently get bored and throw in some special effects or a pat explanation that ruins the whole concept. *sigh*

      1. This is true. We suck for atmosphere and our actors have too much ego to be outstaged by ghosts. Although I think The Grudge tried to get things right, but the original is still the best

  4. Depends on the kind of mood I’m in! If I want something light, I’ll throw in an old-school Jackie Chan; if I want something overwhelming, I’ll go for something like House of Flying Daggers or Hero.

    1. Eeeee! I like all of those! In fact, if I can ever get through my DragonBall Z collection, I’ll have to throw in House of Flying Daggars. Haven’t seen it forever!

  5. Jet Li’s FEARLESS. Total hands down winner. 🙂

    1. Ooohhh… I do like that one. I like how, possibly because he learned only the physical aspect of wushu as a child (because he learned it on the sly, against his father’s orders, and thus could only copy the moves), he missed the entire point of wushu until he lost everything he had and gave it up entirely. Only then did everything he might have learned from his father’s way of life make sense.

  6. To Live and Raise the Red Lantern…two masterpieces. If you haven’t seen them, please do!

  7. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The fight scenes were groundbreaking, and it’s just visually stunning. And I like the way the two love stories are so different: one in brilliant primary colors. filled with passion and anger and clashing agendas; and the other in muted shades of respect and regret and long tortured gazes.

  8. I’ve watched many Chinese movies in the original language, because translations into English is not always right. I translate for my DH.

    My favourite one as of late is Hero. It moved me and I hurt after watching it. Why did it move me? Because it was a movie based upon Chinese history and the 1st emperor. Or what he called himself, the 1st emperor. It was an amazing portrayal of how good and evil depends upon the viewpoint. The Hero in the end understands his foe and the reason behind his madness. These types of storylines always get me. Plus, as any good Chinese film goes, there is death and it’s not always the “evil” one. Good people die all the time. There are no happy endings in Chinese movies. This is what I like best about Chinese cinema.

    I also enjoyed the beautiful cinematography. It was the same person who did House of Flying Daggers. His use of colours and symbolism added depth and richness for me. The subtext with Chinese calligraphy touched me too. The sacrifice at the end just slayed me. I hurt so much my chest ached in pain.

    Of course the martial arts is awesome and I love looking at the clothing.

  9. Eeep! I don’t know about the horror comparison, I’m too chicken to watch. 🙂 But something about the ones like Hero or Curse of the Golden Flower are more likely to draw my attention than the more Western ones. Plus I must admit that tote is really gorgeous.

  10. Crouching Tiger is one of my favorites.

  11. Congratulations on your new release, Joely! I am truly looking forward to reading it.

  12. I’m guessing the Mummy 3 doesn’t count, but I love that Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh are in it. 😉

    Side note… I still need to fix my feed reader! Blech! I’ve missed my Joely fix! And congrats on the release!

  13. Favourite asian movie? Ummm, well I haven’t really watched many. I’ve been trying to watch all the Hiyao Miyazaki ones (amazing Japanese animes) with my little sister and I really loved Spirited Away. And oh my god that tote is amazing! Thanks.

  14. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

  15. I have a terrible memory for movies, so I can’t remember the movie I wanted to tell you about. Oh, well. Would love to win the tote and am trying for a copy of Golden at different sites.
    Congrats on the release!
    marajbrandon AT gmail DOT com

  16. CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON is still my favorite. It was extremely beautiful to watch.


  17. Does it have to be an american asian movie? I like a korean movie called “Little Black Dress”

    Lovely tote bag, by the way.

  18. Honestly I can’t remember ever having read any!

    dsadler53 at yahoo dot ca

  19. The winner is (according to Pick Giveaway Winner plugin): Stephanie Christine! Thank you to everyone for entering!

  20. Thank you!:)

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