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Good News Monday

All kinds of good news this week!

  • I finally started Phantom!  My goal:  finish the first draft by the end of August, hopefully giving me plenty of time to work on The Bloodgate Warrior first round of revisions in July.
  • The wait for Return to Shanhasson is finally over!
  • I’m planning an awesome giveaway to celebrate Return’s release – details later this week.
  • I received word last week that Lady Doctor Wyre’s Lord Regret is going to have the opportunity to participate in Summer’s Hottest Hero sponsored by All Romance E-Books!  Details about voting, etc. will be coming.
  • I’m *this close* to losing 40 pounds since Jan 5th!  (39.6)
  • I’ve walked 11.25 miles of my 12 mile June goal.
  • My July exercise goal will be 15 miles and restarting the strength training portion of Tony Horton’s Power 90. 
  • To keep my momentum going, I’m joining Ashley March in the Romance Biggest Winner competition.  I’ll blog more about it as we get closer to the start date (7/5/2011).

2 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. I’ve been doing Power 90 with my husband. It’s pretty intense. I like that it starts slow and builds up. But it’s definitely working! I’m combining it with Zumba and Weight Watchers and I’ve lost 12 lbs so far, since February.

    Anyway, my point in that long rant was, YAY! 40 lbs is awesome. And you can totally do it again. I’m cheering for you.

  2. Isabelle, woot, congrats! I was doing Power 90 last year for about 6 weeks, but all I lost was 3 pounds. I got so discouraged working out that hard and hardly losing that I ended up quitting. I’m hoping that since I’ve been doing Weight Watchers this year (and still going), that I can add some exercise back — keeping the eating habits I’ve reinforced for six months — and continue to lose. I loved how strong I was getting and I definitely lost inches on Power 90, but I need to lose MORE than just inches. I’ve still got a long ways to go!!!

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