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Good News Monday

I must admit that I’m decidedly grumpy today.  The scale is up for absolutely no reason.  I didn’t get any writing done all weekend, including Friday.  But I’m not going to sit here and dwell about how empty my cup might be.  Instead, I’ll be glad that…

  • We went to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO Friday for That Man’s birthday and had a blast.  This was Littlest Monster’s first trip and she was incredibly brave, riding several rollercoasters, etc.  The only ride that she didn’t like was the Giant Barn Swing.
  • We walked all over the park on Friday, sweating and getting tons of exercise.
  • I even rode several rides!
  • I managed 2 sessions of Power 90 last week without keeling over.
  • I survived That Man’s birthday without blowing my diet.  I had two bites of his birthday cake and that was plenty (I really don’t like store-bought cakes, which is what he requested, so no hardship there).
  • I’ve managed just over 4500 words on Phantom so far.
  • I started a new short story idea this morning.  My track record for anthology calls sucks, so if this story isn’t a go, you’ll get yet another free read!
  • I updated WordPress on my blog this morning without blowing it up.
  • I joined Google+ this weekend and I actually like it better than Facebook, although I haven’t been out there much yet.
  • I received final files for Golden this weekend, woot!  Any interested reviewers, just let me know what format you’d like!  Formal review queries will be going out this week.
  • I bought this pattern and made a set of slippers yesterday, plus started a new pair.  Still fiddling with the pattern to get the sizes right, but I’d like to make a pair for my SIL’s sister before she heads back to New Jersey.  (They were talking about fond childhood memories this weekend and the ones their Polish mother/grandmother used to make.)

What good news can you share today?



2 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. everybody’s talking about Google+ hope Google opens it up for everybody soon. Congrats on keeping to your diet!

  2. I started a new project recently, and it’s going really well!

    Joely, you are inspiring me with the diet.

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