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Good News Monday

It’s been dreary and chilly here (but thankfully no snow or ice) and I feel like I’m running on half empty thanks to our busy schedule lately…so I need some good news!!

  • I’ve completed three full weeks of Power 90 and started week 4 yesterday.  I haven’t been rewarded on the scale (yet) but I can definitely feel muscles!
  • I can do more pushups now than when I started.
  • I can hold a plank from my toes, though I still do the pushups from my knees, and I can’t do that one downward dog to runner’s stretch move yet.
  • We’re loving the Vitamix and have used it at least once every single day since we got it.  The only thing that was a complete fail so far – homemade V8.  Ugh it was terrible.  I couldn’t even save it by using it in soup.  Back to the drawing board on that one!
  • Steady stretching has been helping my plantar fasciitis considerably.  As long as I sit on the edge of the bed in the morning and give my foot a good stretch (pulling on my toes, really stretching the calf and arch), then I can walk into the bathroom without pain.  Keeping my good shoes on all day, every day, is also helping.  I can exercise without any pain.
  • The Horse Master of Shanhasson finally went to $0 on Amazon (to match Smashwords pricing) and WHOA, I was stunned to see how many “sales” I had as soon as that happened.  Hopefully my pricing strategy will be effective.  I deliberately want a free read, and then one cheaper at $2.99 to hopefully hook readers into the rest of the series, which is priced slightly higher (but all under $5).  The first book is 20K shorter, and the other 2 are over 100K so I think the slightly higher price is justified.  We shall see!
  • Still slowly working my way through “3Aliens.”  The dam has not yet busted free yet but I’m still making headway.
  • I have Tuesday off this week from the Evil Day Job to get my hair spiffed up again and hopefully get some nice wordage!

What’s your good news?

2 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. And catch up on your sleep 😉 I think your pricing is right on target, and not just because I love the stories. Have a wonderful week Joely!

  2. I know your pain on the plantar fascitis. Man, I hobbled in agony every hour after getting out of bed for, what, a year? Before you and Mom got me decent shoes for standing all day on ceramic tile?

    Seriously, Sis, I still can’t thank the both of you enough for those. And I’m glad to hear yours is finally letting up!

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