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Good News Monday

I’m on a deadline to get the editor revisions made to The Bloodgate Warrior so I might be a little scarce until 2/15.  I’ll try to post at least every couple of days though.  If anyone would like a guest spot to help me keep the blog active, feel free to send me a post and I’ll get it up!

Some good news this week:

  • I have a PLAN for the revisions.  (Sometimes coming up with the plan or the angle is half the battle.)
  • I’ve been playing with my WW points, eating a little more, and strangely enough, I’m losing better.  More later after my official weigh in.
  • Still on track for completing the next 30 days of Power 90.
  • Moved up to 10 lbs on some of the strength exercises.
  • I’ve seen a preview of the new Survive My Fire cover and it’s totally AWESOME!  I can’t wait to share it with you!
  • We have a design plan for the other two covers for The Fire Within and Given In Fire.  Yes, I realize I haven’t written Given yet – but having the cover in hand will certainly give me some incentive to finish it this year.  It’s been on my wish list for years.

What’s your good news?

2 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. A very good Monday indeed 😀 Go you!

  2. I feel naughty because I too saw a preview of Survive My Fire’s cover. (I watch your cover artist both on DA and FB). Congrats on coming up with the revision plan and good luck with it!

    I don’t have much “good” news as I’m suffering a sinus infection-but my projects are going well. I’m getting lots of ideas for both and maintaining making (albeit small) daily progress. Which I haven’t blogged in a while….*smacks own wrist* Bad blogger.

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