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Good News Monday

I don’t have a lot of writing news to share but I’m not going to beat myself up about that.  When I’m exercising or dieting well, it always takes away some of my brain power for the writing.  I guess I’m concentrating too hard on one to be very productive on the other.  But I’m hoping that as time goes by, I’ll settle better into the habits and be able to re-energize the writing, because I’ll obviously feel much better!  That’s the hope/plan at least.

So for good news today:

  • I’ve lost 16 pounds as of this morning!
  • That Man got a new job!  (I mentioned on Twitter/Facebook that his hours had been cut drastically right before Christmas and he’s been looking ever since.)  New hours, etc. will take us some time to get used to.  I’ll be on kid-duty in the afternoon, picking up kids from after-school activities, etc. but he’ll be able to take Princess to school in the mornings on his way and will be home for dinner each night.
  • I dragged out my lap frame and HDF silks to return to work on Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow.  I haven’t stitched since October, and every time I “return” to stitching, I’m amazed at how much I love doing it again.  I may not be able to stick with this project for long (because it’s so large and I’d like to FINISH something!) but for now, I’m working on the first square block on the left with the big house.  (I outlined the top but didn’t do it all – long story.  I’d finished that block before on different linen but ended up hating it, so I started over again and wanted to do new colors!)  When I finish that block, I’ll take a picture!

What’s your good news today?

2 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. Congratulations on weight loss and THAT MAN and his new job. I hope it works out good for the both of you. I’m not worried about the writing know it will come back with a bang.

  2. Thank you so much, Dad!

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