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Good News Monday

Sorry I was delayed today!  It was definitely Monday, with a hefty to-do list for the Evil Day Job that consumed all my attention all day.  Monday might be almost over but we can always use good news!

  • I did my first formal presentation for the Evil Day Job even though I telecommute from Missouri!  No one could see me, but they could hear me and I ran the slide show from my little home office, which required me to use PowerPoint for the first time.
  • I’ve lost 18 pounds now!
  • Our dog, Pepper, got hurt Thursday night when Princess took him to bed.  He landed wrong and dislocated his rear left hip!  Ouch!  It was a horrible night at the Emergency Vet Clinic, but the GOOD NEWS  is that he’s doing better and his hip has stayed in place.  (If it doesn’t, he’ll require very expensive surgery.)
  • A great review for Lady Doctor Wyre!
  • A giveaway to help Ex Libris celebrate its blogversary!
  • Celebrated MIL and FIL’s wedding anniversary this weekend – 53 years!  The whole family had a great lunch at Red Lobster and then everyone congregated here for coffee.
  • Daddy Bob B (Papa, my Dad) came down Sunday and brought Princess her POOP.  She’s doing a science project to compare various farm animal poop to Miracle Grow fertilizer.  Should be a fun spring! 

What’s your good news?

4 thoughts on “Good News Monday

  1. I’m very proud of you on all accounts.Keep up the good work

  2. Just wanted to tell you congrats on losing the 18 lbs. It’s such a great feeling, I’ve lost about 35 since last May and have another 20 or so to go. Also, I wanted to ask you about Molly. I just finished re-reading My Gigolo and was thinking how I would so love her to write stories about all of Gabe’s friends. I couldn’t find a place to email or ask her so, sorry for the hijack but I’m really curious. It really was a great read. Looking forward to your next release as well. Take are and CONGRATS, keep up the good work (on all fronts)!

  3. Sharon, thank you so much! I have quite a bit more to lose but I’m happy with my progress so far! I pinged Molly so she’ll come reply to your question — I know she’s writing but not sure what her plans are for this particular series. She comments as “Gutterball” here and her website is here.

  4. Bless your heart, Sis! *hugs* Totally proud of you!

    Hey, Sharon! I’ve actually received several requests for stories about Gabe’s friends. I do have a couple of ideas I’m kicking around. Not sure yet if they’ll be freebies or actual novels for sale, but there’s hope!

    If I can just get these other two books that are kicking me to cooperate….

    Just curious: which one is your favorite? I always ask!

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