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Good News Monday

I have three main things to share that are super good!

My back is better.  Whew!!!  I still have some muscle soreness around my waist and lower back but nothing like it was.  I even got my pants and shoes on today without wanting to cry!  Hot whirlpool tub helped along with the heating pad, but probably the best thing were cushions to help me sleep.  We took the cushions off the loveseat and I rested my calves on them at night, taking the pressure off my lower back so I could sleep.  The very next day I could get up without wincing and hunching over, and after two nights, I didn’t even need the cushions any longer.

I got a ton of plotting done on Phantom this weekend!  That Man had to work Saturday, so I moved our laundry day up and stayed downstairs for a couple of hours to manage the loads.  It was rainy and chilly, so the kids stayed inside watching movies and playing on my computer, while helping me get the loads up the stairs.  Princess even folded a mountain of laundry for me!  Meanwhile, in between each load, I worked on paper using my spreadsheets to take three characters through the Emotional Toolbox and then sketched out Acts 1 and 2.  I have notes for Act 3 too but I need to flesh them out a bit more.  Then I’ll make a neater version of the plot with more detail, and I’ll be ready to DRAFT!  Yay!  It feels like months since I’ve had any decent production!

Golden’s release date is scheduled for August 29th!

What’s your good news today?

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