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Good News Monday – Revision Xibalba Edition

I’m still hard at work on the revisions Alissa requested to The Bloodgate Warrior but I need a break and so I thought I’d get a post up so you didn’t think I’d dropped off the face of the planet!  I took Friday and today off from the Evil Day Job so I’d have plenty of time to wrap things up before the due date (2/15) and guess what?

The monsters got their first snow day today.  *headdesk*

For the first time in my life, I’m grateful for the Twilight movies.  That’s what they’re watching now to keep themselves occupied.  They’re watching them all from the beginning through Breaking Dawn part 1 that I just bought for them this weekend.

Saturday I feared Middle Monster had done serious damage to my knee.  We were playing around and she kicked me square on the knee, forcing it backwards toward hyperextension.  Oh and I also had my rocking Sketchers on, which probably let my leg bend even more unnaturally.  Something did pop and I hobbled over to the couch, terrified I’d torn something.  I’ve never had a serious injury before and I wasn’t sure if this was bad or just a close call.  It didn’t hurt exactly (just ached), which I’ve been told can be a bad thing.

I applied ice and Motrin right away, and the next morning I didn’t have any swelling at all.  The tendons down the side of my calf are a little sore, but my legs have been sore ever since I started Power 90, so I don’t know if that was general muscle soreness or injury soreness.  I took the day off from exercise yesterday to be sure but I plan to do Power 90 Sweat later today and see how the knee holds up.  (Aside:  of course this is my right leg, so now I have a bad foot AND a bad knee on that side.)

The best news:  I’m not sick (despite Littlest missing two days of school last week) and I haven’t given myself any canker sores in my mouth yet.  Usually that’s the first thing that happens when I’m stressed out.  Last week, I knew I’d need help to get through this week and so I reordered Borax pellets and started taking them immediately.  No fever blisters in my mouth, yay!  I’m also alternating the coffee with green tea and lots of water, so I’m getting plenty of fluids.  No Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper — I don’t want any chemicals in my system.  I also haven’t given in to stress eating or used late-night eating to stay awake so I can work.  Of course that means I’ve had to go to bed and get more rest than usual, but hopefully the hours I spent on revisions are higher quality that way.

The end is in sight.  I have two more major events that need revision, and then one or two smaller things to tweak.  Then I’ll apply all the changes in a safe copy and re-read to see how badly I’ve messed things up and what I’ve dropped or forgotten along the way.

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Good News Monday – Revision Xibalba Edition

  1. Glad you aren’t sick. Glad your knee isn’t bad. Glad revisions are coming along even if Xibalba-like. Cheering you on!

    I’ve never heard of Borax pellets, I’ll have to check those out.

  2. I’m so happy your leg isn’t as bad as you first feared. You’re doing great on Revision Xibalba-so close, you can do it!

  3. Goo luck on the revision! I hope the knee continues to behave itself.

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